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author: Sophie Myers

Sophie Myers PZ ‘27 (she/her pronouns) is a student at Pitzer College interested in the various Leftist movements at the Claremont Colleges and their intersections. She’s especially interested in the 5C Divest Movement and other climate activism, efforts to radically transform our prison system, and how students at the 5Cs can most effectively create the change they wish to see in their communities.


December 3, 2023

First Pitzer union contract wins $25 base rate, matching Pomona


November 5, 2023

Promising escalation, 370+ students delegate to Pomona treasurer, demanding Israel divestment


October 4, 2023

Palestine 101 Recap: ahead of campaign, SJP starts the year with a history lesson

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Undercurrents reports on labor, Palestine liberation, prison abolition and other community organizing at and around the Claremont Colleges.

Issue 1 / Spring 2023

Setting the Standard

How Pomona workers won a historic $25 minimum wage; a new union in Claremont; Tony Hoang on organizing

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