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February 11, 2024

Statement: Claremont faculty members establish Faculty for Justice in Palestine chapter

Faculty members form organization in support of Palestine.

Claremont Faculty for Justice in Palestine

On Feb. 10, faculty at the Claremont Colleges publicly announced the formation of a chapter of Faculty in Justice for Palestine.

Claremont FJP’s formation follows the public formation of FJPs at Harvard, Georgetown and UPenn on Jan. 18, and of several UC schools, Princeton, NYU and Rutgers in the fall.

A website for the Faculty for Justice in Palestine National Network, which now lists the Claremont Consortium as a chapter, describes FJP as “a decentralized, national network of affiliated campus chapters whose faculty and staff members support the cause of Palestinian liberation through education, advocacy and action.” At the time of this article’s publication, the website lists FJP chapters at more than 90 different universities or university systems.

Below is a press release that Claremont FJP sent via email to Undercurrents, titled Claremont faculty members have established Faculty for Justice in Palestine (FJP) chapter.”

A group of more than 40 faculty members from the 7Cs have established a Faculty for Justice in Palestine (FJP) chapter. This coalition emerged from the statement last fall issued by 180+ faculty members and four departments standing in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza and colleagues in occupied Palestine. The Claremont FJP chapter is a community co-sponsor of the #SuspendHaifa motion currently being considered at Pitzer College.

The Claremont FJP has ratified the following Principles of Unity:

Claremont faculty members who affirm these principles are welcome to join the FJP or our affiliated announcements-only listserv by emailing

A PDF version of the statement can be found here.

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