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October 25, 2022

POMONA WORKERS TO STRIKE Friday, Saturday — here’s how to support

“Striking is a last resort. This is a sign to pay attention.” CSWA organizes picket line shifts, boycotts starting 6 AM each day

Samson Zhang

Pomona dining workers announced Monday that they will go on strike this Friday and Saturday, according to CSWA.

From 6 AM to 7 PM on both of these days workers will form a picket line in front of Frary Dining Hall. Workers have called on students to join the picket line, and to boycott Frank, Frary and Oldenborg dining halls, as well as the Coop Fountain and Cafe 47 during the strike.

The announcement follows a 92% vote by workers to authorize the strike last Thursday, and weeks of contract negotiations that have stalled over Pomona College’s refusal to grant the workers the $28/hour wage they say is necessary to live and support their families around Claremont.

After announcing the strike on Instagram, CSWA circulated a “Pomona Strike Basics” document containing resources and action steps for supporting the strike. The live-updated Google Doc can be found here, and a copy is re-printed below.

Join the Picket: 6AM-6PM, Friday 10/28 & Saturday 10/29

Pomona workers are going on STRIKE!

Striking is a last resort. This is a sign to pay attention. The upcoming strike is an opportunity to show our firm support for workers. It is essential that we show admin that we will not be fooled or immobilized by their misinformation.

We know that workers deserve a livable wage, and that a $3.92B endowment is more than enough to make that happen. We also know that our schools are terrified of bad optics, and unprepared for the power of a united student-worker community. Now is the time to show up and show out.




Workers have given us concrete steps to take — our job is to follow their lead. These asks are non-negotiable:

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